Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bartholomew Cubbins meetings

Do children still read Batholomew Cubbins? The kid who got in trouble because when told to remove his hat, another one kept appearing? When I got to Saturday's meeting I mentioned that I had received 2 pictures of hats for the blog but hadn't had time to post them. A little later someone shows me a hat; I take a picture. A little later, another hat. A little later, guess?? I thoroughly suspect now that they were playing with me. The final pictures of hats arrived today. Check these beauties out. Will I get in trouble with the king, too?

Any way..... the last pic is of Chris in a hat making a hat. What else?

Becky knitted 2 hats: one for herself and one for Jonathon.
Phyllis knitted 2 hats: the white is too large but couldn't be made smaller because of the lace section. The markers are where buttons will go. But the bucket hat fits nicely.
Paulette made the group of 3 for Guatemala but the hat with the ribbon is for herself. I suspect the picture doesn't do the colors justice.
Amanda made the knitted cat hat for her daughter in the chullo style that is so "in".
Shelli made her white hat "long ago".
Chris's tweed hat suits her to a T; she also made a baby hat to go to Guatemala.

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