Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pat's Saga

You've probably been wondering what happened to Pat's project. Well she has a farflung family and disappears occasionally to be with them. This time it was off to Denver for a granddaughter's college graduation. She didn't take her knitting with her which was a good thing because the airlines managed to lose most of her things for several days. 
But she really has progressed nicely with the help of her friend. She's finished the underarm shaping and is now working on a divided top (since she would like to put in a zippered neck opening.) The top has a ribbed pattern just like her favorite sweater. Remember there are no instructions, just following the shape and design of that sweater. If you have a fave garment you would like to have more of, do what Pat's doing.

I'm jealous of her knitting skills, but she's jealous of Joe's. Crazy. huh?

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