Sunday, June 15, 2008

Knit Out (&Crochet) in Public

The 14 th was national knit out day but we only found out about the local gathering at the last minute. So only a few of us made it to Shenley Plaza. The weather was not highly cooperative; there were a few good downpours; then it grew colder. By the time for our regular meeting we were cold and damp. But we didn't care because we had a good time.

Lisa and Lisa taught the security guard to knit! And we were serenaded by a singing guitarist. A mouse was crocheted and a cat's head was knitted for his body. A ruana was continued and two socks were knitted at the same time. Projects were discussed and yarn exchanged and new friends made. Everything a knit out should be.

We left vowing that we would have an even bigger group next year.

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