Sunday, June 8, 2008

Most of the gang's here

This Saturday started off slowly with 4 of us arriving simultaneously. We again got onto the subject of looking for another meeting place because occasionally almost everyone makes it and we kind of take over an area. Summertime isn't generally an issue, but when Pitt is in session, Panera's can be very busy. It's just so centrally located and there's parking and there's food........
As the afternoon wore on, the group grew. 
Yogi brought her sister-in-law Lena for the first time. That's Lena on the left, and Yogi getting afghan advice from Lynn on that diagonal stitch, with Shelli and Theresa working and talking away.
Becky is working on the last round (maybe, until she tries it on), while Joe is hunting for a pattern like Lynn saw to make clothes for grandkids out in California. Tough to come up with the right size when kids are so far away.
Yogi and Stacy are discussing a pair of baby booties that unfortunately came out as two different sizes.
Then Becky and Rebecca enjoyed a light moment, while Chris was talking to Lena (who isn't appearing in this pic).
Like I said we take over an area and that isn't all of us!  

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