Thursday, June 19, 2008

A message from Randy

As an out of town member I thought I might qualify to have a picture on the blog. Here it is. 

"You can see if you look at the designs at the ends of the scarf, how much I improved from one end to another. I cannot even imagine what  I was thinking when I started. Was I not looking at the pattern??

I started this while visiting my mother (Pat) in Pittsburgh in April 2008. One evening Karen and Bradley came over to the apartment and each helped me figure out my purling. Finally I got it!

This scarf really represents about 3 scarves with all the ripping I had to do.

This was Randy's first knitting project. I know she can already crochet because I've seen her do it. Just having learned to knit 2 years ago myself, I'm really proud of her.

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