Monday, May 26, 2008

String Bag Kick

I got distracted by string bags lately and made quite a few. Several that I would describe as typical out of a cream color that looks pale yellow from Peaches and Cream. Then I got hold of several spools of the Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton that is very rustic looking. I made another typical one but with a larger section of firm, close stitches; and then another one that was on the short side for a six pack of whatever. What then?
The two bags you see here. The round bag started off as Margaret Hubert's Hobo Bag from her bags book. But it had the one strap across the middle that I don't care for, so I changed it into two handles. 
The second bag is my own design somewhat based on the reusable grocery bags sold at the stores. I like bags without logos. I am an advertising exec's nightmare. Even if I like a certain brand I don't like displaying the logo. What I really like about this design is that starting at the bottom with a chain I crocheted around in a rectangle and then up the sides to the top. All in one piece of yarn!. Then I did the straps all in one piece that wraps under the bottom twice, chaining the entire way with slip stitches right to the bag. Then around and around until I finished. One piece again. I did have to whip stitch the second side of the strap to the bag.  Just one problem. This bag is really so big, I could only put tissues or paper towels, etc. in it, if I realistically wanted to lift it!
I've been using it as a crochet bag, but since the sides are double crochet, hooks have a tendency to poke out. Both bags have been given stability by placing plastic canvas in the bottoms.   

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