Monday, May 12, 2008

Diagonal Stitches

Diagonal stitches seem to be popular at the moment. Lynn makes baby afghans all the time using this stitch. Her pattern starts in the corner and works out to the middle where she then decreases down to the opposite corner. When you use different yarns the result are diagonal stripes with a very sophisticated feel. Theresa also makes many baby afghans and uses a diagonal stitch pattern that comes out to a rectangle. Either way the stitch patterns look very complicated, but no one seems to think the stitch is difficult. 
Yogi and Theresa are working on baby gifts and Rebecca is using a variety of yarns she had on hand for a vibrant afghan for her own use. It's very interesting how all these diagonal stitch afghans can look so very different. Typically for this group they aren't following anyone else's instructions. Using colors that appeal to them or selecting from available yarns, each person becomes a designer in her own right. 
I'm surprised when I read that a majority of people make items by exactly following instructions to every detail even the color. Publishers say people pass up designs they love because they dislike the photographed color. Then there's three rivers people who almost immediately say: "I'm making this pattern, what do you think of these colors? Do you think this yarn will work here?" 
How else is our group different? After these photos were taken, Yogi (who has been crocheting for about a year) showed Shelli (who has been crocheting for 30 years) how to do the diagonal stitch, so Shelli could also make a baby afghan. I found that a real neat set of circumstances.
Find yourself a group to join. You, too, can share your skills and be challenged in the process. That really is the joy of what has been dubbed a stitch and bitch nation.

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