Friday, May 9, 2008

Many Projects

Last post I indicated that we don't seem to work on one thing at a time. Most of us work on as many as 7 projects at one time. Why? Bored with a stitch or pattern or that stretch of it. New yarn: just gotta try it out and start something new. Starting something new is such a rush; it's all possibility without looking at the tough spots ahead. (Rather like falling in love.) Who can resist? For whatever reasons we have many WIPs and don't like to mention the UFOs. (which could again become WIPs if we pick them up and put hook to them).
What got me started on this topic was that KC has finished 2 projects about which I kept asking "Aren't they done yet?" I can be such a noodge. But I really want to see the finished project.
The sweater was a real problem with fitting. The gauge kept indicating lengths appropriate for a basketball player and that's not KC. She finally got the body perfect and also adjusted the sleeves, but they still came out too long. Now here's something you don't hear in crochet. She cut off the bottom of the sleeves and sewed them. Then put on a new cuff! She steeked! in crochet! It turned out great. I wouldn't have had the nerve.
KC also brought the knitted cowl. I think it would keep Nanuk of the North warm. It just seemed to take so long to finish. The wow factor here is the beautiful yarn.  

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