Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Saturday

We had a rather quiet meeting last Saturday. 
Roxanne's community group is trying to raise some money for the home. We signed up for a table to sell craft items; maybe we can raise money for Rwanda knits. But they are not sure how much interest there will be in this kind of activity. If it happens it will be some time in the fall.

Joe thinks we need a flyer or more bookmarks to hand out so we can start drumming up interest in the fall Yarn Ball. So we aren't doing things at the last minute and people can plan.

Lynn has finished the white square for the baby blanket. Soon we will need to plan a sewing Saturday to work on this blanket. Perhaps as part of the meeting in Lynn's kitchen. I have more cotton yarn: none of the variegated yarns match the tank top I'm making a lacy cardigan for. That's ok, it's so open that lots of aqua shows through. So I'm not putting any variegated flowers on it now. But I'm looking for more shapes to use the yarn for the baby afghan border.

Joe finished the slip stitch afghan. He put a crocheted border on it and it looks smashing. Lynn says there is enough yarn to crochet another afghan! Thanks, Pat's friend.

Rebecca was finishing up another cute toddler coat. With looped stitches on the cuffs and collar. It wasn't quite finished. Soon we'll have pix. 

Yogi ran in and out. She wanted to make sure she knew how to decrease on the shell stitch or the baby afghan would just keep growing into a huge triangle.

So even for a quiet small meeting we still seem to have a lot going on.

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