Monday, April 14, 2008

Pat's Saga

If you've been reading all along you have read about Pat and her sweater. Pat made a (knitted) sweater a long time ago. Her one and only attempt. It turned out like all first sweaters: with sleeves down to there. Why does that  same thing happen to everyone?? 
She thought it would be a good idea to try crocheting a sweater since crochet goes so much more quickly. She bought yarn she loved: pricey and short yardage. When we figured out the amount needed it would have made the most expensive sweater she ever owned. The skein is being made into a lovely scarf (previous pic).
Onto lovely, soft, but inexpensive yarn and learning the esc. Pat thought the stitch made nice fabric and was an easy stitch. Alas, alas. The same problem many crocheters have. The darn sides wouldn't continue straight up but insisted on flaring out. 
Pat has returned to knitting. But at this point getting motivated to work on it while home alone is a real problem. Pat is always encouraged to move along on her project when with the group. ( (I don't know how. We really are good at interrupting each other) Maybe she feeds off the energy we project for everyone's success at their endeavors. 
Well this is Pat with the sweater so far. Look for more pix of her project in the future.  

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