Sunday, April 20, 2008

Becky's Recital

A beautiful setting for beautiful music. Unfortunately no photos of the actual performance were allowed. St. Andrew's has beautiful stained glass windows and preservation calls for no flashes. So while we all enjoyed music in a "heavenly" setting, we can't share the  image.
I'm amazed we got a picture of Becky by herself because she was just mobbed by congratulatory family, friends, students, and supporters. Actually I'm amazed we have any pix because the battery ran out on my camera again. Nothing new there. So these pix are courtesy of Theresa. But we did get a group picture of three rivers crochet - everyone who could make the recital.
The last picture is of our mascot, Buddy. She would come to every meeting (she loves yarn and crochet hooks) but the world has so many rules! She's a wonderful choice since this skirts any canine or feline jealousy.

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