Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For Little Ones

It seems we are always making things for new arrivals into this world. It's also fun to make a small item and be able to see the finished product in week(s) instead of months. So "tot" sized clothes are very enjoyable to complete. 
Charities are always in need of clothes for tots even if a small person is not right now in your life. Rebecca has become really good at taking that one skein (many donated, thank you) and creating adorable little garments. Sometimes the yarn doesn't quite make it to the finish, and more creativity is called upon for a stylish finish. The red sweater turned out perfect though and with just inches of the red to spare. This yarn was from a bag of red, green, and white yarn (leftover from a Christmas project??) that was donated to the group. 
Lisa made these adorable Mary Janes. Again this project was from additional yarn.  A lucky little miss will have warm tootsies.
Finally we have Stacy's knitted  socks. This was her learning  project. (Remember she had to make 3 because she lost 1) They turned out identical; good work Stace. I have also heard that making a child's size is a good way to learn a new technique and see how it works out  for you before attempting the adult size. Which in my case is not an inconsiderable amount of yarn.  

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