Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Becky's Afghan

When someone asks about coming to the Three Rivers crochet group, we always tell them that even though we meet every week, you can come whenever you can. Becky is a good example of that kind of flexibility. Becky  (pictured here in red with Rebecca) feels a little like a "phantom crocheter" since she can only make it to the group every couple of months. Work comes first on Saturday for many in the group, as well as some of us who are busy with family on Saturday. We are really happy when we get to see someone we know would like to be with us more frequently but aren't as lucky as the rest of us on scheduling. We understand the call of the yarn. 
Becky brought her baby afghan for us to see. It's turning out beautifully. But she's not sure who the lucky recipient will be yet. It was great that she could make it to Becky's recital.
One of the reasons the blog is such a good communication vehicle is to let people know what is going on with the group when they can't be with us. Let us know if the blog is satisfying that need. 

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