Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unveiling of FO's for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope everything was merry and bright for the holidays.

Some people were busy though. Carol finished her last afghan for another grandson. I am impressed how Carol managed to design afghans per each boy's request that is each distinctive in their own way. But from the youngest to the oldest, each boy has an afghan that he likes now, and , I am positive, will like as he grows older.

Karen just finished up a Tunisian jacket in Moonlight Mohair. I made one several year ago, but I like her color choices better than mine. I am convinced this yarn only really looks good in Tunisian. I suspect it's because of the somewhat knitterly technique of Tunisian stitches and that Lion Brand didn't really check if this yarn looked good in crochet stitches. But I may just not have found the right pattern for the yarn.

Our last photo is of Byron, who is holding a plastic crate for comparison. The two big boxes are from Carol's niece. In a fit of organizing, she sent Carol & 3RC donated yarn and rectangles. At one time, her niece was part of a group making Warm Up America afghans. The group kind of dissolved but the yarn didn't. She hopes we can make use of everything she sent. So we thank her most kindly. We also thank Carol's hubby for standing around in the pic, so we could get an idea of how big the boxes were she sent.

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pldrake said...

Great picture of Carol's hubby and that wonderful afghan. (Carol, you should publish a book of your afghans for my family!).

Happy New Year!