Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Year of the Hat

I am dubbing 2011 the Year of the Hat because I just feel like I have written so many entries about hats. I wonder what the new year will have us making?

Karen is showing off her skull and bones hat made by Theresa. I'm not sure how many of those Theresa made. Theresa is holding up a carp hat she made in black and gold. In order to get this one done, she had to hunt for pictures of carp and figure out how to get the design on the hat. She must be getting rather good at figuring designs into stitch counts.

The other 2 pictures of Karen are her showing off a hat she was going to felt. We were a little surprised at the size of the hat until she explained. But it was also fun to see her trying it on in its unfelted condition.

The felted hat looks great on Gayle.So don't laugh too hard at the unfelted kind. Really looks expensive all finished. Hope Gayle can afford it!

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