Thursday, December 3, 2009

We've Been Busy

So I've been busy; but it's contract work that is sometimes not that interesting. But Robyn's working on a new book. Shhhh! So I've been busy for that.
Now Becky started working on this sweater as a "maybe" for the cable contest. Take a close look. There's a very intricate cable around the neckline. She's been so busy with other things that I think it must feel really good to finish up a knitted item. It looks great on her and it's a great looking sweater. However, it is not her entry in the cable contest: she's still working on the sweater that she feels has the requisite amount of cabling.
Carol keeps making great baby afghans for Linus Project. She got the yarn for this cutie from Free Trade but had to add some yarn of her own. Nice design, Carol!
Then there's Roxanne who is making the biggest afghan I have ever seen. She's making it for a bed for someone in her family. Don't want to give away any holiday secrets. But every bit of someone will be covered when they wrap up in this afghan! I'm actually not sure if it was complete when I took the pic.

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