Friday, December 4, 2009

Denise Comes Through

Awhile ago I offered my address in an email for anyone not able to make it to our group meetings but still wanting to make caps and hats for our current projects. Well, Denise K. sent these absolutely darling hats.

According to size, we'll place the hats with the correct group. 9" - 10" will go to Knit One Save One project and the hats will become part of an expectant mother's package with items designed to increase the chances that her child will survive. We include a tag that states well wishes and who made the hat.

Larger sizes will go to Guatemala with Carla ( a member of a dental group that cooperates with Children of the Americas). I like to think of them as "Smiley" hats because the children get a new smile. Guatemalans are a small people who need hats smaller than we wear.

I'm sure anyone would be glad to get one of Denise's hats. Don't be surprised if the darling hat with the earflaps becomes part of the Yarn Ball offerings. Or I should ask if Denise is okay with that? How do you feel about it Denise?

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