Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Around in Buffalo

On the market floor, there were plenty of vendors but we'll see some of their offerings in an upcoming blog. However, on the market floor is where I met two of my favorite people.

You can see the three of us in the Rwanda Knits booth with Cari Clement. This wonderful lady is head of the design department for Caron International and a great support for our own Yarn Ball. Their stories from Rwanda are encouraging and hopeful. I am really glad to be helping the Rwandan women, even if it is only in a small way.

Then I got a photo op with Doris Chan, one of my favorite designers. She was putting the items out for display from the design contest (another blog entry). She stopped so I could get a pic, and introduced me to her proud mother. She was all over the conference, helping out.

Before we left Karen and I had a chance to do a boat tour of the inner harbor and rivers of Buffalo. You can see me here on the boardwalk with a lighthouse on the point. This where the Buffalo River meets Lake Erie inside the breakwater.
There was a violent storm during our trip and lightning hit one of the towers that was part of an elevator bridge, so we couldn't go any farther upriver. The captain turned the boat around and took us to the outer harbor but still within the breakwaters. You can see the sailboat out there and the storm receding. When we got off the boat the sun was shining again.

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