Thursday, August 20, 2009

Designs for the young set on Sat night

These young people are wearing designs made for them by their moms. I gathered that the kids had input to the designs as to how they should look.

Mary Jane Hall made this set of a tote and leg warmers for her Irish dancer, who gave a short performance for us.

These great teen tops were worn by two sisters.

Dee Stanziano's daughter and son modeled the purse and vest.
The vest has a back story: At the state fair there was some flap of knitting versus crochet; so the next year Dee put this vest in the contest at the state fair. She won in the correct category crochet, but some people thought it shouldn't have won. It was obviously knitted. It's done in Tunisian knit stitch, which is, obviously, crochet. Yes, crochet can look like knit. What's their point?
Dee's kids are getting to be rather professional-looking models.

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