Monday, August 24, 2009

The Design Contest Winners

There was an open design contest with at least 4 categories. As you can see besides items hanging from the draping there were many more items on the tables. I was having problems with my battery, so this is all I got of all the design items on display. There were so many more.

At the Saturday Night Dinner and Fashion Show they had some of the winners modeled. I'm pretty sure the dress hanging in the first picture is on the first model. Quite a difference when the item is on a real person.

The flamenco dress was a real stunner, too. We met Andrea ( AG mode) who designed the blue dress. It was not a very typical design style. I was blown away by the use of every type of crochet you could think of. For a crocheter the thrill was seeing the stitches up close.

Next you see the grand winner: freeform crochet on the strapless bodice. What great drape.

The people's choice was the bridal gown. The designer made her own bridal gown.(not shown). And now she has made a bridal gown for her daughter who is the actual model.

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