Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Pix from the Festival

You can see all the activity in the presentation area. There were screens to weave on and small cardboard looms for weaving that were very popular; there was a chance to hammer out your own shawl  pin; and demonstrations of looming, spinning, and book signings!
Back inside Leah is demonstrating software for knitting machines. Then Sarah Grossman is showing  off  one of the bunnies that was for sale to Ginnie at Highland Alpaca. Dianne and her husband are in the Creatively Dyed booth. Dianne is a big supporter of Ravelry and has organized several meetups.
Mitzi and Chris are "chilling" out in the lobby between classes. And I hooked up with Heather in a hallway. Heather helped start Three Rivers Crochet and then had to move. She's still too far away to make meetings.
Last pic is of those from 3Rivers who took Crochet Like a Pro with Robyn Chachula. That's Rebecca, me. Robyn, Karen and Chris.
Shelli and Theresa were at the festival but I didn't get them in a pic. Sorry, gals! 

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