Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Crocheters Win!

                                                                                                                                                     Once upon a time Karen and I decided to do a CAL ( crochet along). That's when everyone follows the same pattern and works on it approximately in parallel time but not necessarily the same color, yarn or size. The "knitters" thought they would do the same.
This particular sweater is from Crocheted Aran Sweaters by Jane Snedden Peever, which I believe is now out of print. We both had the book and had always wanted to do this particular sweater. 
Karen used Cascade 220, which is a wool and cotton mix. I used Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, which is wool and acrylic. The shade is natural heather and not the usual whiter color that Karen chose. Karen's sweater seems more polished and dressy, while mine is more rustic and casual.
The closeups are so you can see the details of the stitches.
The knitters, however,  have still not got their act together. Somebody is swatching, somebody is looking for yarn, and somebody actually has a back almost finished. But they didn't even get the idea of a KAL right! They're all using different patterns.
Crocheters Win!


River Glorious said...

Very very good work, and I like both of them. I should make myself something similar... :) :) :)

Jeannie Jones said...

Beautiful sweaters, beautiful workmanship, beautiful ladies! Thanks for posting your lovely pix!

Karebear said...

The crocheters rock! The knitters are so disorganized. Diane, I bet we could make another sweater before they got done. HA HA HA HA

River Glorious & Jeannie - If you make something similar send us a picture to post on our blog.

Lisa ~ Knitsburgh said...

Oh, so you want to open up that discussion again, do you???

(Your sweaters are lovely and the pictures of the two of you together is so cute!!)

Lisa ~ Knitsburgh said...

Oops, that's "the pictures of the two of you together ARE so cute." Yeah, I bet crocheters speak gooder too. ;)

Zu said...

Yay for crocheters! The sweaters look beautiful. :-)