Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi Chris

Chris stopped by on the 31st after finding us on the web. We love having new friends find us, meet us, and hopefully enjoy themselves enough to hook up regularly. 
We have members that can only show up once in awhile (like Becky on the 7th) and others who "dream" of making it some  Saturday soon. Some  are just too far away to make the trip practical and just enjoy keeping an eye on us.
 We are really hoping you'll keep an eye out for us at the festival. Only five of us will be there; we'll be wearing our Three Rivers Crochet pins and wire rose pins. Find us!
Now back to Chris. She made a really great afghan and my picture does not do it justice. Wouldn't you love to get it for a present? Chris is another one those crocheters who just gives most everything away. Although she did manage to make the string bag in the photo for herself. So much more lovely than the $1 ones sold everywhere. Hope to see you at the festival, Chris!

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