Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knitting Backlash

Theresa has taken my comments about the KAL (Knit along) personally. She is still making the baby cabled sweaters although her "group" said she couldn't count them as her project. (Whoever gets these sweaters will have very special gifts.)
She really has a jump start on the others for her sweater. It is a cardigan and has longer length.
I was really impressed with the yarns and found they were both Lion Brand's Woolease. I found the colors really attractive.
Theresa also went so far as to find a pattern or two for Rebecca's husband's sweater. We'll see how that goes. 
I think Becky's found her pattern already, but has been too busy to start. 


leslie said...

Seeing how gorgeous these are turning out is so inspiration for me... I can't hardly wait until I am that good! I am hoping someday to take professional lessons so I can learn all of the little tricks there are to knitting... so far I can only pearl, knit, and cast on. Some day... when I retire I hope to have more time to be able to create some of the beautiful things I have seen on your blog.

ROZ said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love that dark green yarn. Green went out of style for a while, and was hard to get in interesting shades. About fungly quilts--It's like making afghan squares with mistakes in them, and sewing them into an afghan anyhow!

Karebear said...

Diane, we have to get our butts in gear. We can't let the "knitters" win! I almost have the back done of mine. I think I only have one pattern repeat until it reaches the proper length.


Karebear said...


I learned so much from library books and just diving in and trying different things. Don't wait until you retire. Most of the stitches are a combination of knitting and pearling and they make wonderful patterns.


Three Rivers Crochet said...

Pattern or not. Until I get this splint off my hand, I'm not doing much knitting or crocheting. But, the husband did like the patterns from Theresa!


Karebear said...

In my past group we use to use DH when mentioning our husbands. It stands for Dear Husband. Sometimes it was said tongue in cheek! Wink - Wink!