Thursday, August 7, 2008


What's a CAL? It's a crochet along. 2 or more people attempt to crochet at the same time a certain pattern. KC and I are doing an Aran cardigan from Jane Snedden Peever's Crocheted Aran Sweaters. Unfortunately the book is out  of print for those who want to see more (the library perhaps?). Surely that ending punctuation is illegal! 
The name for the cardigan is Dusty Miller. KC is using Cascade Sierra (cotton/wool) and I'm using Lion Brand's Woolease (acrylic/wool). She's using the traditional fisherman color, but I went with a natural heather. We've both wanted to make this sweater since we got the book.
I think the stitch pattern is so much nicer than photography shows it. I tried to capture it with the digital camera, but I still don't think it's adequate.
On the other hand there are 3 knitters in the group who want to do an Aran CAL. No one is doing the same pattern and heaven knows what yarn they'll use. You'd think "knitters" could get it right. 
Heaven knows how long these CALs may take. They're probably in queues so long for each of us (and some of us work full time) ok ok most of us. I'm also trying to finish this coverup by Vicki Howell so I can wear it in warm weather from the previous issue of Crochet Today.
AND we're all working on ideas for the Three Martini Luncheon! Whew! 

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