Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cheep! Having nothing to do with crochet

                                                                             As usual in the past 30 years in this very hot weather I went out to water two hanging baskets on the front porch. After I watered the 1st, having to stretch way up, barely able to see what I'm doing, I stepped back.

Suddenly the basket came alive with movement and two baby robins were hanging out of their nest. They looked very disgruntled and damper than they liked. I ran to get the camera. Took pix.
I came inside to download the pix  AND  my husband's head pops in the front door and says, "One of the birds fell from the nest. What do I do?" "Hurry and put him back!" 
Before I could get to the door, he had scooped him back in. We watched from inside and mom & dad robin showed up. We took more pix but they were very wary and skittish. The babies just said"Feed me!"
We cannot imagine when this nest was built and the babies hatched without our knowing. We use the front door constantly. 
All this has nothing to do with crochet.

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