Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Snow?

Well I chickened  out worrying everyone would come to Panera's on the 8th and get stuck on the way home in all the snow  that was predicted. I thought I would take a pic on Sunday and show everyone our winter wonderland. However the snow barely arrived and it was so warm on Sunday that there was NO snow to take a picture. I should have known better. The really big snows are never predicted: how else can they cause major mayhem?
But we had a small group on the 15th and I took a few pix. But it dawned on me that I had a real learning curve to achieve here. People watch crocheting blogs to see crocheting (or knitting as is very possible in this group). I took pix of  people, looking very intent and determined with their projects. What projects  you ask? Well I didn't take pix  of those, so there. I do promise to improve. 
Once the sun shines again, I will take a pic of the square afghan I made as a door prize (probably for the yarntini lunch). We discussed the project that Jenn S. forwarded to us: huggers for trees. Or as our imaginations ran wild: sweaters for dinosaurs. We really need to find a way to be involved in Pgh's 250th celebration.
Any ideas out there? 

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