Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of projects

We had a great group this week. Thirteen people in all. Which makes for great conversation and lots of sharing. Like I promised there are pictures of projects; many of them are are personal and not necessarily for charity, maybe just a way of learning. However I managed another technological glitch. He who shall remain nameless powered  up the camera battery for me; I only managed a few pictures when the camera stopped. When I got home "he" discovered that the charger was not plugged in. So we attempted taking pix with phones and emailing them to me. There seems to be a snafu on that and even then I didn't get everyone's projects. Here's today's offerings. 
Pat is showing off the beginnings of a scarf in Patagonia from Araucania. The colors are great. At first Pat thought a sweater would be nice but a high price with a short yardage meant a very expensive first sweater. So she is making a one skein scarf and we all feel that this particular yarn makes a better scarf than sweater.
Joe is knitting a throw. (Using slip stitch, which is Dutch to me) When asked what yarn he was using he said a long thin one. Lynn intervened for those who really want to know and named Lion Brand's cottonease. I thought that the colors were vibrant and felt southwest.
Rebecca was making a purple scarf from a sale pack she got at last year's Pgh Knit & crochet festival. It was a combination of yarns put together by Pgh Knit & Bead (now gone) :(  and just shows how attractive several different yarns can work up together.
Chris (sorry about your missing head) was working up a cat blanket for charity which she does frequently. She's also working on putting motifs together into a scarf (a coming attraction).
Roxanne designed this potholder using colors she saw in a piece of material. She never works from instructions and thinks up her own designs for potholders.
If we can't get more pics this week, there's also next week. With so many different tastes and talents you can see why we try for a group project once a year.

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