Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Festival Fun

Well most of us made it to the festival. The display was set up in the Warmup America room and we had flyers and bookmarks to hand out. We all met different people at different times who might be interested in the group. So we are looking forward to seeing some new faces this Saturday.
There are 3 river buttons that were handed out. If you didn't get one, speak up.
We took every sort of class, perhaps we will have some ideas for our lessons on 2nd Saturday.
How to join motifs as you go may be one. If there's something you would like to see covered or you can show us, just send an email or just speak up.
We will also discover this Saturday how much damage was done to pocketbooks at the yarn market. What was irresistible? Did you buy a bunny? a spinning wheel? Taking a class at one of our (we are so lucky to have) LYS?
Yarnies came from rather far because this type of event wasn't available at home.
Thanks Barb. We're looking forward to next year.  

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