Monday, February 18, 2008


Welcome to Chrissy who is another techie into crochet; she was making a beautiful baby blankie which we thought the recipient would just love.
There would be a picture of her working on it if I knew how to work a camera properly. Nothing there and no idea what I did or didn't do so I would or wouldn't do that again!
    We started talking about the luncheon for next year's festival (Three Yarntini Lunch). There were so many ideas the voice of sanity (you know who you are) interjected and asked if all that could be accomplished during just one luncheon. We started paring down and planning a sequence to the activities and got better control of our ideas. I won't say too much yet because we need to get closer to what we all want.
    The other problem is where do we continue to meet? It was crowded at Panera's on Sat and while we always manage to gather everyone around, there are times when we could conceivably have 20 people show up. So we're brainstorming on a new place, too. We want all the people we invited at the festival to come to a get together and be comfy. 
We are getting ready for some changes, fur shur.  

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