Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Pittsburgh VA Has Asked For Hats/Scarves

The Pittsburgh VA director of volunteers has asked for hats and scarves. As soon as we have enough for a trip out to Aspinwall, Lyn & Joe will drop off what we've gathered.

Denise K sent us three hats and a pair of gloves. Denise always chips in when we ask for a little help. Thanks, Denise.

Peggy gave us the red and swirled hat, as well as the scarf and hat set. Like that tweed.

Chris A made three more hats in large sizes, keeping her dad's head size in mind. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.

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Doug said...

Great project!
I hate to leave a comment here, but the email address on the main page (info -at- theeriverscrochet -dot- com) has bounced. Is there another email address? I'd like to get involved, but need contact address. You can reach me as dgou-at-mac-dot-com. Thanks!