Thursday, December 2, 2010

Diane's Projects

I've been busy this last month making sweaters for a grandniece and grandnephew
who both have fall birthdays. Not that I ever get the projects done on time. But the family just accepts now that something might show up at any time.

The sweaters are both oversized size 4. They are both made of Homespun and the pattern was from a small seasonal book from several years ago. I knitted the edgings and really liked the final look. The pattern called for 3/4" buttons but I think 1" buttons would have worked better with this bulky yarn. Still learning after all these years. I found that the camera didn't give an accurate rendering of the colors, besides the colors in this yarn really come alive out in daylight.

I gave my grandniece an itty bitty when her baby brother was born. So I made another outfit for the doll to slip into the sweater's pocket. The patterns for the itty bitty that I got from Annie's Attic aren't very good. I got an extra doll so I could try on outfits before I sent them. The shirt top was too big and the overalls were too small to fit over the top. The hat turned out gigantic and was still too big with several row reductions. The booties were just right. The final outfit was pretty good.

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