Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carole and Squares

Crochet has become Carol's passion since she retired. She wants to know everything and try everything.

Since Carol purchased a great find at a flea market, she has been into crochet in the square. The afghan that inspired her had a great pattern of blue and white squares and the squares were perfectly executed. Obviously, someone let that afghan go without knowing what they had.

Carol found the directions for the square that she wanted. Honestly, there are so many versions of the square it is amazing. But she came to the meeting one day and said, "Why are these squares so wonky on these baby afghans?" She was being meticulous in her stitch count.
So we sat down together while I watched her make a square and we found the problem. Because the corner increase covered the top of her 1st stitch, she was actually starting her count in the second stitch. It was a small, simple thing that hinged on where to look for the two loops at the top of the 1st stitch.

Carol went home and dismantled one of the baby ghans and redid it. Can you tell which one is which? I think this is a good example of how belonging to a crochet/knit group can increase your skills.

Carol also took the broomstick crochet class. She changed the pattern stitch a little to make the scarf more to her liking. Broomstick crochet is everywhere!

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