Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, We're Still Active

The blog hasn't said much recently because I've been busy and so has everyone in the group.

Two weekends ago Theresa, Karen, Marlene, and I went to Knitter's Fantasy. The Northcoast Knitter's Guild in the northeast area of Ohio has a conference in Youngstown at one of the high schools. There are tons of classes, vendors, and even a fashion show. They serve a bag lunch. It really is a full day and not that far to travel. The group supports its charities with this event.
Truly worth the trip, especially if you live north of the city.
I have to admit the items shown in the fashion show were impressive. The final item, a bridal veil, was stunning. Many talented knitters in northern Ohio; now I'm looking for the crocheters.

This week I taught a class at Highland Alpaca on crocheting motifs and how to read the international symbol charts. Then I bought yummy yarn. But only had less than an hour to spend with the group. Carol was again kind enough to take some pictures. There would have been pictures from Knitter's Fantasy if I hadn't forgotten both my phone and my camera!

Carol passed the red, white, and blue afghan over to Lyn, who generously handles getting items to Linus Project. And Amelia was sporting the socks I made for her. Maybe there will be more pix from this upcoming Saturday, along with some info on our new Slice Project.

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