Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Latest Completed Projects

Well, not everything here is a completed project.
Although I'm not sure if Amelia is to be considered a completed project or not. Actually her pretty knitted dress was a shower gift knitted by talented Susan. This little girl is always in a delightful yarn item.

Carla is showing off a yarn toy that makes a good starting toss toy that little hands can grab easily. Her pattern came from the Berrocco yarn site and is called a decohedron, but apparently also goes by other names. Stacy made one for Amelia and is made from sock yarn which results in a colorful toy. Carla found the pattern difficult to deal with. So if you decide to do the pattern, it might prove to be a challenge or you can try to find it in another place which may have more clear instructions.

Yay! Chris, worked really hard on Saturday to finish up another afghan she is donating to another school. She needed to hand it over on Sunday. It's nice to see someone meet her goal.

Carol and Becky are showing off Carol's special afghan made for her grandson. This afghan is a real accomplishment, since Carol totally designed it herself. She initially described the design to me and she really nailed it. There was a lot of adjusting to get it looking just perfect, but her hard work paid off. I think it's a design that will grow up with her grandson.

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