Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rebecca's Shower

Rebecca's shower was this weekend. Unfortunately I lost pictures by some process I don't understand, so some items are missing. We had a lovely time at Becky's who so generously hosted the gathering.
At the top Sierra is helping show off an Aran blanket skillfully knitted by Theresa. Then an Elizabeth Zimmerman design executed by Lisa. Pat crocheted the shaded shells blanket. Lyn crocheted the lace blanket. Karen knitted the darling basketweave sweater (hard to tell from this distance because of the variegation in the yarn). An orange jacket knitted by Becky. Then a hoooded blanket crocheted by Chris.
There were many more appropriate gifts of a cute, handy, and needful nature. I've concentrated on the handmade items in keeping with being a "yarn " blog. I have a call out for pix from the other attendees who may have the missing yarn items.
Really cute? messages that were written on the newborn diapers: e.g. "hey wait, isn't it his turn to do this?" "I'm pooped!" Only 1,000,000 more to go".

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