Friday, July 31, 2009

Again I get by with a little help from my friends

Now you can see why I was so distraught over having lost pictures. I lost a lot!

Amanda, the master gardener, made what else? a carrot! What a cute toy.
I made the white cap, leggings, and cabled sweater set. The way things fit, the baby will be able to wear each piece at different ages, even if they are all "sized" for this winter. I also made two pair of sox, that just happen to match sox I own!

Karen C made the sweater made the tweed looking sweater. with buttons at the top for easy access.

Stacy made the unusual toy. Could you call it a ball? I don't think so, but it sure looks fun.

Becky made the orange sweater. Somehow Rebecca had a lot of orange in her stash and worked diligently to use every little piece. Now she has something orange for her little one. By the way the little helper in the pix is Sierra, Becky's daughter, all decked out in her "dress up" dress.

Chris N made the hoodie blanket. So cuddly.

Then here is another pic of Theresa's cabled afghan which I hoped showed the pattern better than the last time.

We all loved making things for Rebecca and her little one and look forward to seeing him/her in the handmade duds.
Want to see more? Because there really was much more handy baby stuff at the shower.

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