Sunday, March 1, 2009

Surprise Visit

Here you can see from left to right: Rebecca, Mitzi, Pat and Amanda at our last meeting in February. Mitzi lives far enough north of  Pittsburgh to make coming to the meetings regularly a rather long trip.  Like so many of our friends who make a surprise visit. 

It was a smaller group than usual, but since Karen took the picture she must have been there, too. I also know that Chris was showing up with a design for a WW II vest pattern for a reenactor. Rebecca better careful besides a cabled sweater for Mike, she might have to crochet something from the Civil War. History buffs are so into authenticity.

 I was sorry to miss Mitzi, but maybe she will "pop in" again soon.

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RitziMitzy said...

Yes Diane, I will try to "pop in" again soon. I'm hoping to at least show up once a month. I can make a day of it with shopping in Monroeville also. :) I'm sorry that we didn't get to meet up again. Maybe next time?