Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday the 21st

                                                                                   This Saturday was typical. People making great things.

Chris made this tote from Lily's Sugar and Creme. When she changed skeins she tried to match colors a bit. The result is this vary interesting color pattern. Using variegated yarn in crochet can be tricky in crochet, but Chris got a great look.

One of the nice things about coming to groups of yarn enthusiasts is learning something new. Chris picked up a new pattern in crochet from Theresa for an afghan. Theresa was also thrilled to teach someone else something new about crochet. She thinks she doesn't know a lot about crochet, but she does.

Here Theresa is showing the right front for her cable sweater, pocket and all. Pretty cool stuff to me since I don't know much about knitting. The WOW factor is sitting on her lap. A dress I refused to photograph because the tie wasn't finished nor the ends woven in yet. It needs to be seen in its finished form! 

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