Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freeform Crochet

In Three Rivers Crochet we are always trying something new. In this case freeform crochet. Lynn used the book by Margaret Huber to inspire her  to make a sweater for her daughter Becky as a gift for Christmas. While Becky was out of town, Lynn snatched a sweater to get a muslin pattern and began working (returning the sweater before Becky returned). Eventually Joe (the dad) said you better have her try it on before you sew up the seams. 

Well the end result was that we (the group) did not have to wait for the winter holidays to see the finished sweater. Of course Becky now knows what her present is 4 months in advance. Does she seem sad at all about this?

 We really need to send a pic to Margaret Huber. She would be so proud of Lynn.  

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