Monday, July 27, 2015

stitch n pitch 2015

SciFi Chris here, with another post.

Stitch N Pitch is an annual event that gives crafters a group rate for a MLB baseball game.   In addition to the group rate for the ticket, the price includes a $10 vendor card and a goodie bag with yarn, patterns, and knitting needles.  (yeah, knitting needles.  There continues to be a dearth of crochet items in the goodie bags and raffle prizes.)  Three Rivers Crochet has been going for a few years now.  This year and last year, Nicole has been the awesome person that organized getting our tickets.  At this year's game, Nicole threw out the first pitch!  Several of us wore our summer crochet along hats, made from the free Star Sun Hat pattern.    It was the perfect day for a baseball game, sunny with an occasionally cooling breeze.  The Pirates even won!

Great job Nicole on organizing our trip to Stitch N Pitch and throwing out the first pitch!

Our summer crochet along project Star Sun Hats got a lot of positive attention and kept the sun off of our heads.  Its always interesting to see how the same pattern ends up looking so different when made by different folks.

Here's the goodie bag and the list of folks who sponsored the event.

There was a free raffle.  Diane and I both won knitting pattern books.  Since neither of us knit, that means our friends Theresa and Rebecca are getting new knitting pattern books.

Finally, here's photos of 3RC folks enjoying the game and a few of the Pirates game itself. 

Pierogi Race!  It was Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt against the Pittsburgh Pierogis in an exciting relay race.  It was a close finish, but the Pierogis narrowly beat out the Presidents.

Pirates beat the Nationals, 3 to 1.  w00t!!

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Amazing baseball game! I'm quite sure that was a perfect day for you, guys. The photos show excitement and pleasure from your side. Thanks for sharing!
Warm baseball hugs,

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