Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hiya, SciFi Chris here.  Most crocheters and knitters tend to have a yarn stash.  Piles of yarn that have been collected – leftovers from projects, yarn bought because it looked so spiffy, yarn for projects still on the to do list.  Likewise, I’ve gathered a stash of photos from 3RC that need to be posted to the blog that have piled up.   This blog is a photo stash busting blog.  The following are pics from the past couple months, taken at 3RC meetings.

This is Dianne, making a wrap basket.  Yarn is wrapped around cord or clothesline rope, each round is sewn to the previous round.  Keep making rounds until the basket is the size desired.  Different colors and textures of yarn give a wide variety of possible looks for the baskets.  I love the way the fuzzy yarn looks on the top edge.

Edith made this lovely bracelet from a pattern in Robyn Chachula’s book, Simply Crochet.  Robyn is also a member of 3RC and has written several excellent crochet pattern books.  The beads that Edith picked for the bracelet are perfect, the tiny purple flowers stand out great next to the varigated purples she used.

Lynn made this beautiful lace skirt for her oldest granddaughter.  The photos don’t do justice to the details of each layer of the skirt.


Constance is holding a blanket she calls “The Owl Hoots at Midnight” which was given to Project Linus.  The squares were donated to 3RC, the owl head and eyes were scrunchies made by other 3RC folks.  Constance made the rest of the owl, the book the owl is holding, and assembled all the pieces.


Carol has completed yet another Project Linus blanket, this one with bright and cheerful circles in each square. 

This past winter, I was homebound for 6 weeks, recovering from surgery.  A lot of crocheting was done.  One project was plastic bag holders for a friend of mine, for the daycare where she works.  She asked if I and/or the “Yarn Ladies” would be willing to make a few more plastic bag holders, smaller ones that could go on the strollers when they take the toddlers outside to play.  The “Yarn Ladies” of 3RC enthusiastically stepped up and made some holders.   Its a very quick and easy project.  Using cotton yarn, crochet 30 sc around a large hairband.  For 3 more rounds, sc in each stitch.  On the fourth row dc and increase every five stitches for 35 stitches total.  For rows five to 12,  dc in each stitich.  Row 13, decrease every five stitches to 30 stitches.  The last three rows are sc in each stitch.  For the strap, just chain 2 then dc five, which gives you six dc, for 11 rows.  Row 12 is sc.  Sew on a button that will fit through the dc.  For a larger plastic bag holder, just make more rows. 

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