Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shelli's Very Yarn Enthusiastic

Shelli knits and crochets. I would have said that she was just so so about accomplishing projects when she fist joined the group. But friends' children and youthful members of her family keep getting married and having even more children. She seems to always be making things and I get such a kick at how joyful she is showing off her projects. She always does a great job. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of all she's done.
But there is a pic of her favorite production: her granddaughter Julia. This is a very early pic and she has grown some since then. You can see the poncho Shelli made for her.
Shelli recently finished a baby afghan for her grandnephew's child due anytime. I really like it because it is so pretty and uses one of my all time favorite color combos.


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