Saturday, April 19, 2014

SciFi Chris finally posting for 3RC.

Blankets are a mainstay of crochet.  The variety of stitch types in crochet results in an amazing diversity of afghans that can be made.  Here’s just a small sample of the many blankets made by 3RC folks. 

This is a ripple afghan that my grandmother made for me when I was born.  It’s a bit worn after more than 40 years of use, but its still one of my most treasured possession.  I learned to crochet from my grandmother and still use the old Boye hooks she gave me.  Although she passed away a few years ago, every time I pick up a crochet hook or snuggle in my old afghan, I feel a connection to her.


I’ve made lots of afghans over the years.  Lap blankets with school colors to keep folks warm during football and hockey games, blankets for family and friends, blankets to donate to various charities, and once I even made a blanket for myself.  These are photos of a basket weave afghan I made for my sister.


Some blankets are made especially for charity.  Here are two of the many afghans made by Carol for Project Linus 


I love the shell stitch.  I think it looks so elegant and its perfect for a blanket.  Here’s two examples of shell stitch blankets.  The beige one was made by Bea, the blue one by Roberta. 


Three Rivers Crochet also has members that knit.  Judy made a lovely knit log cabin blanket.  Here’s the story from Judy of how this blanket came to be:

“Our daughter in Alaska was expecting her third baby soon and Gramma here was looking for that oh-so-special blanket to knit. I fell in love with a pattern for a knitted log cabin blanket pattern from Cascade Yarns. This daughter reminded me that they don't want heavy blankets. They get upset that people think just because they live in Alaska they are always freezing. So I began a long search for a cotton blend yarn for the log cabin. I had already decided on the colors I wanted. Same daughter wants nothing to do with "baby" colors and themes. I wanted red, black, grey, beige and white. While in a yarn shop in Ligonier in the Fall I found colors similar to what I wanted but not in the right fiber. There was another customer looking at various yarns and I presented her with my idea for the blanket. How was I to know that she was a professional artist? She heartily approved of my color choices so upon my return home I put an order in with Knit Picks for their Shine Sport Pima Cotton/Modal yarn and the accompanying picture shows the blanket, flaws and all, that Blaise Michael born on Feb. 28 is snuggling with in Alaska!”


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