Friday, March 21, 2014

SciFi Chris here and hello to all!

Last weekend, several of us 3RC folks went to the annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival.  We took classes, taught classes, bought yarn and sold yarn.  We also socialized, with each other and fellow yarn enthusiasts who had traveled from all over the area and nearby states.  
The vendors hall is usually one of the first stops.  It’s a huge room filled with temptation.  By that I mean, of course, yarn and yarn accessories.  I managed to restrain myself to only getting a few skeins each from some of my favorite vendors and a few skeins from some new favorites.  I also picked up a new yarn swift.


Here’s some of the vendors that are also long time members of 3RC. 



After buying all that great yarn, who is going to wind it into balls?  The nice folks at Hog Heaven will.  Every year they run a winding station and the coat room to raise money for Hog Heaven, a rescue shelter for hoofed animals.  It rescues, rehabilitates and fosters abused, neglected and unwanted hoofed animals.  Check out their website for more info

On display at the Festival were dolls wearing crocheted doll clothes designed by Nicky Epstein.

Classes!  I love taking classes.  Robyn, another 3RC member, taught several classes, including the one on making crocheted cables that a few other 3RC folks and I took.  Doug and I also took a really interesting class on free form sculptural crochet, where we made mini coral reef seascapes.  It always is amazing the variety of things that can be done with crochet.  For example, the spiffy bandolers that Doug made himself, to carry all his crochet tools.





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