Monday, August 6, 2012

Commissions for Charity

I've written before how Theresa will make things by request if the person will make a contribution to the VA. This was a specially requested baby blanket that Theresa made for a $50 donation. Rebecca and Theresa stretched out the blanket for a picture just as Theresa finished it. She blocked and turned over the blanket during the week. So it was get the picture now or never.
Then when a friend was visiting and asked about what I'd been doing, I explained about our Holiday Sales to support our charities. I was working on a necklace similar to this one at the time and showed her this one as a completed project. She bought it then and there for $65 and made a check out to the VA. So this particular necklace will not be showing up at the sales. What doesn't show up are all the beads that are worked into the motifs. Cameras frequently don't catch that aspect of a project. I was inspired by Vogue Crochet 2012. I had to change many of the stitch counts and the beads to what I already had to keep the expense down.
Several people have caught onto the commission system. We now have several hundreds of dollars that have been donated through our efforts this year. Those totals will be added into our end of the year tallies. 

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