Friday, October 7, 2011

Update from Seattle

Randy came in from Seattle and Judy came from New York to celebrate Pat's birthday.

Of course, Randy had to stop by and say hello on Oct.1 to all of us at Panera's.

Pat is wearing the sweater Randy made for her. Looks a perfect fit. You can also see Pat working on her tote which she intends to felt. Apparently Randy and Judy refer to her project as "the boat". They'll be jealous when it's done.

They talked for awhile with me and Rebecca whom you can see working on something for Robyn's latest endeavor. She is very brave in my book: I never bring a Robyn project to group because I'd make so many mistakes, I would only have to do the work over .

Randy is making a sweater for her daughter Julia. The pattern is called Cobblestone and the Yarn is Shelter Yarn both by Jared Flood ( How does someone in Seattle get their hands on this yarn? They get on a ferry to Bainbridge Island and order the yarn in their chosen color at the Churchmouse Yarn & Tea. Randy's holding some well traveled yarn!

But here is a story for the generations. Pat taught Randy to knit (apparently several times). Randy taught the sweet young girl with her knitting project how to knit. She is a daughter of one of Randy's business partners. Randy says she picked it up like a natural. She's making something for her mom. Next, Randy is going to teach her how to crochet. And the beat goes on!

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