Friday, September 30, 2011

Grand Prize Winner of Creative Design Contest

Last week at the CGOA conference I won the Grand Prize in the Creative Design Contest. I won $1000 and was on an adrenaline high for days.
I wore this top at last fall's Yarn Ball. When we all got a chance to go to the Chain Link in Greensboro, I decided to send it in with the idea of winning something in the thread category. Wow, did I get a surprise!
I was not planning to model the top or I would have brought something with me dark. The white top I wore does not highlight the designs in the motifs.
I've never counted the number of motifs in the top. They were all made individually and then put together. I love motifs and how was I ever going to get a chance to make all the ones I liked? So I had the idea you see here. Apparently I like symmetry and it's evident in the patterning. So I got a chance to make 2 of every motif I liked (almost).
I worked on this top over period of a year and a half. I started just making motifs and collecting them until I thought I had enough to start laying them out. My friends called it the "Mythical top" because, of course, I talked about it but no one ever saw it. I was going to call it "An Homage to Myra Wood" because exactly how it got all together is best explained in her book, Creative Crocheted Lace. But I finally went back to my original idea, and named the top "So Many Motifs, So Little Time".

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