Thursday, April 14, 2011

Personal Projects

Some of our members are very good about sending pictures of finished projects. Others are not. I am always wondering how something turned out.

Paulette sent me this doily pic. Paulette is my heroine. She makes beautiful things out of thread. Plus I always like her choice of patterns. While this particular doily has very classical elements, they have been put together in the most modern way. This piece is timeless and beautiful. When Paulette gets tired of it, she's giving it to me.

While it.s hard to tell these two dresses are not the same size. I made them for sisters and the sizes are 4 & 6. They are made from Caron's Spa and the design was by Treva McCain for Inside Crochet. The layout showed the design as a tunic over a t-shirt and pants. The green is not actually so bright and the blue is a deep aqua.

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