Monday, November 29, 2010

Paulette's Latest Projects

Paulette has been really busy lately.

The wraparound shrug is from Crochet!'s September issue. I especially like how the stitch pattern shows in the back. It fits nicely, too.

This fall I worked on a pattern from Lion Brand and everyone liked the design. Karen made one for Highland Alpaca in their yarn. Then Paulette made it in a different yarn. This knitted pattern can be found on Lion Brand's website.

Then Paulette took my broomstick crochet class. She made the scarf from the ball of alpaca yarn she got at the lesson along with the pattern. But she made it shorter than my design, so she knitted up some fingerless gloves. Whew!

Paulette is still rather new to 3RC, and is what I call a double threat yarn enthusiast: she both knits and crochets well. Oh well, this group will let anyone join.

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